Yenyun Fu

IP Management Consultant


Yenyun Fu is an IP Management Consultant, specialising in the strategic development of patent portfolios and their management and evaluation/assessment.

Having also been an entrepreneur, business owner, scientist and engineer, Yenyun is particularly well positioned to guide technology companies to navigate the complexities of patent portfolio creation and optimization.

Yenyun joined Dehns in 2024 and is based in our Oslo office


Type of clients and client work

Yenyun works with technology company investors, technology companies, company shareholders/other stakeholders.

When working with investors/shareholders, Yenyun helps to evaluate and assess target company patent portfolio quality & patent portfolio suitability in view of their proposed business models, competitive landscape, go to market strategy and implicated supply chain and stakeholder entities.

When working with technology companies, Yenyun architects a patent asset development plan that is business-centric, investor and BOD-forward.

Specifically, she creates a well-positioned portfolio of patent assets encompassing the company’s core suite of products, and underlying technology, factoring in the company’s current/contemplated business model, with an emphasis of patent assets as:

  • Innovation indicator
  • Signal of technical authority in the industry
  • Indication of founder/management business sophistication
  • Market differentiator
  • Monetizable & securitizable asset
  • Deterrent against unproductive legal action
  • Attractor of capital and talent

Yenyun helps with the implementation, ongoing management, and growth of the patent asset development plan. Moreover, she refines and optimizes the development plan of the company’s patent assets as the business, products, relevant markets, and technologies grow and evolve.

Yenyun has also been asked to take over, further develop and manage patent portfolios initiated by others, growing patent assets from single digits to 100+. Additionally, she has drafted and obtained patents for clients, with individual patents valued by third parties to be between $1-$5 million.

Yenyun has also facilitated the commercialisation of academic research by supporting the patenting process. She has helped develop international patent portfolios of  U.S. Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.



Yenyun works with legacy tech and emerging technology & health sectors, with particular expertise in augmented reality/virtual reality software and hardware, enterprise software, AI/robotics/machine learning, Internet of Things/connected devices/smart infrastructure, e-health solutions, wearable technologies, Web 3 (Blockchain, NFTs), fintech, wearable technology.


Qualifications and Memberships

  • US Patent bar, 2006
  • Co-chair, Stanford University alumni association of Norway 2021-


Higher Education

Frequent PhD guest student, Department of Medicine, University of Oslo

MSc Biomechanical engineering, Stanford University

MSc Electrical Engineering, University of California

BSc. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California



Yenyun is a devoted hobbyist and frequent self-experimenter in the realm of cellular and physiological optimizations for human longevity and human performance.

Yenyun is fluent in Mandarin (native language) and English, and is currently developing her Norwegian language skills.


Contact details

Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo

+47 400 54 544