Alex Kilroy

Technical Assistant


Alex joined Dehns in September 2022 after graduating with an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing and Design Engineering, where he worked on designing and manufacturing a testing rig and software for the analysis of active guidewire crossing performance. He is a Technical Assistant in the Engineering team for the Munich Office.



Alex has significant experience working with subject-matter in a wide range of technical fields.  Notable areas of expertise include: Integrated networks automation systems, MEMS manufacturing, Manufacturing operations management, Digital manufacturing and robotics, Engineering materials, Medical Devices, Tool design and metal forming, Thermo-fluids and, Control Engineering.


Higher Education

BE (Hons) – Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Technological University Dublin, 2022

Contact details

Theresienstr. 6-8
80333 Munich

+49 (0)89 2422 8130


mechanical engineering